About Us

Our Mission

To break the life cycle of drug and alcohol addiction in Franklin county’s underserved communities. In pursuit of this, we will create healthy neighborhoods through prevention, education, treatment and social change.

Our Vision

To break the stigma and cycles of drug and alcohol addiction among communities of color, thus allowing affected individuals to seek the care and treatment they need for optimum holistic wellness.

Our History

UMADAOP was founded in the state of Ohio in response to the epidemic of substance abuse in the African American community and its systemic devastation. Originally established in 1980, via legislation spearheaded by former State Representative William L Mallory, Dayton’s UMADAOP was operated by Combined Health District of Montgomery County. In 1991, Dayton’s UMADAOP became independent agency with its primary focus on substance abuse prevention and intervention. Although our primary focus is in the African American community, our services are available to members of all communities.

State Representative William L Mallory, who spearheaded the legislation that led to the creation of UMADAOP
William L.Mallory

Since 1985, we have partnered with a wide array of service providers, businesses, schools, and other organizations and agencies to ensure our community is being provided with sufficient resources that are culturally relevant to build healthy, productive, drug-free lifestyles.

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services supports programs that help African and Hispanic/Latino communities in Ohio with substance abuse education, prevention, and treatment. These programs play a crucial role in improving the well-being and recovery of these communities.

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